Nothing says tropical oasis like a Hibiscus. These iconic flowering plants will turn any outdoor space into a retreat. Colorful blooms, nestled in dark green foliage, these plants are the perfect summer addition to your patio. Most Hibiscuses are grown in containers to make them easy to move when you need to chase the sun.


Hibiscus are sun worshippers and need at least six hours of direct sunlight a day to keep their blooms. If you're keeping your plant indoors for the winter, provide as much light as possible, but know you may not see blooms until you can get it back outdoors.


When in full bloom Hibiscus will need watering daily. You will want to water until it runs from the bottom of the pot each time. When indoors, only water went the soil is dry to the touch.


A blooming Hibiscus will need extra nutrients to keep blooming. Use a diluted potassium-rich fertilizer weekly or a slow-release fertilizer monthly during the summer. Do not fertilize during the winter.

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