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make the holidays beautiful

5-Foot Artificial Christmas Trees

make the holidays beautiful

5-Foot Artificial Christmas Trees

Large Selection of 5-Foot Artificial Christmas Trees, Both Pre-Lit and Unlit, at English Gardens of Michigan

Adorn your home this Christmas with a 5-foot artificial Christmas tree from one of our 6 Michigan Christmas Store locations in Clinton Township, Dearborn Heights, Royal Oak, West Bloomfield, Eastpointe, and Plymouth MI

Improve the ambiance of limited spaces this holiday season with our beautiful collection of 5-foot artificial Christmas trees, available at all six of our Michigan Christmas Store locations in Clinton Township, Dearborn Heights, Royal Oak, West Bloomfield, Eastpointe, and Plymouth, MI. Designed with versatility in mind, these compact yet beautiful artificial Christmas trees authentically capture the feeling of traditional, fresh cut Christmas trees, but offer so much more in terms of beauty, value, longevity, durability, convenience, and sustainability. Whether you’re in an apartment, a cozy home, or a spacious living area, they’re an ideal choice for your Christmas tree this holiday season. Explore various styles, including classic green and snow-dusted firs, as well as a multitude of light options to enhance your holiday décor.

make the holidays beautiful

Experience the Michigan Holiday Magic with 5-Foot Artificial Christmas Trees – 5 Foot Artificial Christmas Trees Combine Practicality and Style

Choosing a 5-foot artificial Christmas tree is a smart and stylish decision for your holiday festivities. The 5-foot artificial tree strikes a balance between size and space efficiency, making it an excellent choice for smaller living spaces such as apartments and condos. Beyond its practicality, the aesthetic appeal of any 5-foot artificial tree is a key feature to consider. Its versatility allows you to place it in numerous areas throughout your home and property, such as main living areas, hallways, entranceways, bedrooms, outdoor patios, decks and more, creating a delightful backdrop for your holiday decorations and setting the stage for a memorable
Christmas Season, wait in this case, many memorable Christmas Seasons.

5-Foot Artificial Christmas Trees, The Perfect Height: The 5-foot height strikes an ideal balance, offering a nice presentation when decorated without overwhelming smaller spaces.

5-Foot Artificial Christmas Trees, Elegance and Space Efficiency: It seamlessly combines elegance and space efficiency with a manageable width, making it an excellent fit for apartments, condos, and cozy homes.

5-Foot Artificial Christmas Trees and Holiday Appeal: Its charm is not to be underestimated, replicating the allure of traditional Christmas trees and creating a festive atmosphere without being too small, or two overbearing

Convenience and Style: Choosing a 5-foot artificial tree adds a touch of practicality to your holiday decor while ensuring a stylish and memorable celebration. Artificial Christmas trees offers you easy, quick setup, take down and storage minimizing those stressful holiday chores.

Opting for a 5-Foot Artificial Christmas Tree is a practical and versatile decision for the holiday season, striking the perfect balance between convenience and style. Its moderate height makes it ideal for smaller living spaces, allowing you to create a festive atmosphere without overwhelming your home. Furthermore, a 5-foot artificial tree provides an excellent canvas for creative holiday decorating without breaking the bank or feeling like you must dress it with non-sentimental ornaments in an attempt to fill all of those “bare spots.”

make the holidays beautiful

5-Foot Artificial Christmas Trees - Weighing the Advantages and Disadvantages of Pre-Lit and Unlit 5-Foot Artificial Christmas Trees

When it comes to selecting the ideal 5-foot artificial Christmas tree, you’ll inevitably encounter a choice between pre-lit and unlit options, a decision that can significantly shape your holiday decorating experience.

Opting for a pre-lit 5-foot artificial Christmas tree presents the advantage of built-in lights, streamlining your setup process and reducing the time and effort required. These pre-lit trees offer a spectrum of lighting choices, from clear to multicolored, with some even featuring remote control for effortless customization. As a result, they provide a sparkling, ready-to-display centerpiece for your holiday decor.

On the other hand, selecting an unlit 5-foot artificial Christmas tree grants you the freedom to express your creativity fully. With complete control over the type, color, and arrangement of lights, this option is perfect for those who prefer a personalized and distinct holiday display. Decorating the tree transforms into an engaging family tradition, allowing for experimentation with various lighting designs and themes from season to season.

The decision between pre-lit and unlit 5-foot artificial Christmas trees hinges on your personal preferences, available time, and the degree of customization you desire for your holiday decorations. Each option has its advantages, and your choice ultimately depends on what best complements your unique holiday style and requirements.

make the holidays beautiful

Comparing Illumination: LED vs. Incandescent Lighting for 5-Foot Artificial Christmas Trees

Energy Efficiency

LED:  Highly energy-efficient, consuming significantly less power and reducing your electricity bill.

Incandescent: Less energy-efficient, leading to higher electricity costs over time.


LED: Has a longer lifespan, often lasting up to 25,000 hours or more.
Incandescent: Has a shorter lifespan, typically around 1,000 hours.


LED: More durable and robust, as they are solid-state and less prone to damage.
Incandescent: Fragile due to the delicate filaments, making them more susceptible to breakage.


LED: Operates at a lower temperature, reducing the risk of fire hazards and burns.
Incandescent: Produces more heat, posing a higher fire risk, particularly when in contact with flammable materials.

Color Options

LED: Offers a wide range of color options, including cool white, warm white, and various vibrant colors.
Incandescent: Traditionally emits a warm, yellowish light and limited color options.


LED: Initially more expensive but provides long-term savings through reduced energy consumption and longer lifespan.
Incandescent: Lower upfront cost but higher operational costs over time due to greater energy usage and shorter lifespan.

make the holidays beautiful

Your 5-Foot Artificial Christmas Tree: Exploring of Color Options

Your 5-Foot artificial Christmas tree presents you with a myriad of lighting options that facilitate the customization of your holiday decor. These choices empower you to craft a unique ambiance that resonates with your personal preferences, making your holiday celebrations truly special and tailored to you and your families individual style.

Clear Lights for Your 5-Foot Artificial Christmas Tree: Clear lights radiate a timeless and elegant glow, serving as a versatile option that pairs well with a variety of color schemes and ornaments. They infuse your holiday decor with a classic, warm ambiance, evoking a sense of tradition and nostalgia.

Multi-Colored Lights for Your 5-Foot Artificial Christmas Tree: Opting for multi-colored lights ignites a festive and vibrant atmosphere within your Christmas tree. These lights are a delightful choice for those who revel in a playful and whimsical holiday theme, where the medley of colors creates a joyful and lighthearted look. I personally remember laying under the Christmas tree and looking straight up at all of those flashing colored lights!

Cool White Lights for Your 5-Foot Artificial Christmas Tree: Cool white lights introduce a contemporary appearance, ideal for those with a preference for a modern and sophisticated holiday decor. They cast a pure and icy glow, setting the stage for a sleek and stylish ambiance. Champagne anyone?

Warm White Lights for Your 5-Foot Artificial Christmas Tree: Selecting warm white lights generates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, evoking a sense of tradition and nostalgia that resonates with classic holiday themes. These lights emit a gentle and comforting radiance, encapsulating the warmth of the season.

Clear/Multi-Colored Lights for Your 5-Foot Artificial Christmas Tree: For those who find it challenging to choose between clear and multi-colored lights, or for families that are evenly divided, a 5-foot artificial tree with both options provides the best of both worlds. These trees offer the flexibility to switch between clear and multi-colored lighting, allowing you to adapt your tree’s radiance to your mood or specific holiday theme. It’s the perfect choice for those who relish variety and versatility in their holiday decorating, as well as for those who simply want to keep the peace!

make the holidays beautiful

5-Foot Artificial Christmas Trees: Discovering the Ideal 5-Foot Artificial Christmas Tree to Suit Your Requirement

When choosing a 5-foot artificial Christmas tree, quality is paramount to ensure a lasting holiday experience that spans years. A premium 5 ft artificial tree should feature densely arranged branches, fire-resistant materials, and a sturdy base for stability. Additionally, consider the convenience of a 5-foot artificial Christmas tree with pre-installed lights. To ensure the quality of your 5-foot artificial Christmas tree this season, make a point of selecting trusted suppliers and thoroughly reviewing customer feedback as well as guaranty policies.

Quality Matters for Your 5-Foot Artificial Christmas Tree: Prioritize quality when choosing a 5-foot artificial Christmas tree to ensure a lasting and delightful holiday experience.

Dense Branches for Your 5-Foot Artificial Christmas Tree: Seek out a tree with densely packed branches to create a lush and full appearance, providing the perfect canvas for showcasing your favorite ornaments.

Safety First for Your 5-Foot Artificial Christmas Tree: Opt for 5-foot artificial Christmas trees crafted from fire-resistant materials, ensuring a safe and worry-free holiday season in your home.

Sturdy Base for Your 5-Foot Artificial Christmas Tree: A stable base is indispensable for keeping your 5-foot artificial Christmas tree secure and upright throughout the entire festive season.

Pre-Installed Lights for Your 5-Foot Artificial Christmas Tree: Consider the convenience of a 5-foot artificial Christmas tree with pre-installed lights, a time-saving feature that simplifies the setup process and ensures your tree shines brilliantly with ease.

make the holidays beautiful

Unveiling the Advantages of Choosing a 5-Foot Artificial Christmas Tree Over Fresh-Cut Options

When it comes to selecting the perfect Christmas tree, it’s imperative to recognize the numerous advantages of opting for a 5-foot artificial tree over its fresh-cut counterparts. Convenience stands out as a game-changer. Unlike fresh-cut trees that necessitate a yearly trip to tree lots or farms, an artificial tree can be effortlessly stored and reused, offering relief from the annual quest for the perfect tree.

What’s more, a 5-foot artificial Christmas tree provides greater versatility in terms of placement within your home. Its compact size seamlessly accommodates smaller living spaces, including apartments, condos, or even serves as a secondary tree in more extensive living areas. Further, artificial trees are available in an array of styles, ranging from lifelike replicas of traditional evergreens to more distinctive designs.

Year-Round Convenience: Opting for a 5-foot artificial Christmas tree offers year-round convenience, as it can be easily stored and reused, eliminating the need for an annual tree hunt.

Versatile Placement: The compact size of a 5-foot artificial tree easily fits into smaller spaces and accommodates diverse room layouts, granting flexibility in your holiday decor.

Variety of Styles: 5-foot artificial trees are available in a plethora of designs, enabling you to precisely match your holiday decor to your unique taste and preferences.

Low Maintenance: Enjoy the ease of low maintenance with artificial trees that don’t shed needles, require watering, or pose fire hazards, reducing the need for ongoing upkeep.

Eco-Friendly Choice: Opting for 5-foot artificial Christmas trees contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the demand for tree harvesting making it an eco-friendly choice this Christmas.

make the holidays beautiful

Your 5-Foot Artificial Christmas Tree: Storage Tips for the Post-Holiday Season

As the holiday season comes to a close, it’s crucial not to overlook the aspect of post-celebration care, specifically the storage of your cherished 5-foot artificial Christmas tree. Ensuring its proper storage is vital in maintaining its excellent condition for the festivities of the following year.

Clean and Prepare: Before storing your 5-foot artificial tree, start with a thorough cleaning. Utilize a soft brush or cloth to eliminate any dust, dirt, or loose needles. It’s also wise to check for damaged branches or bulbs and address any issues to avoid unwelcome surprises when you unpack it next year.

Disassembly: Disassemble your tree with care, beginning from the top and working your way down. Make sure all lights are unplugged, and if your tree boasts pre-lit branches, consider labeling or color-coding the sections for effortless reassembly.

Storage Container: Invest in a high-quality storage container or purpose-built bag designed specifically for 5-foot artificial Christmas trees. These containers and storage systems provides protection against dust, moisture, and potential damage throughout the off-season.

Layer and Protect: If you opt to store your tree in sections, contemplate placing each segment in a separate bag or wrapping them in old bed sheets or plastic wrap. This extra layer of protection guards against dust and pests.

Location Matters: Select a cool, dry, and dark storage location to preserve your tree’s color and prevent damage. Basements, attics, or dedicated storage closets are excellent choices.

Moisture Control: Employ moisture-absorbing solutions like silica gel packets or moisture-absorbing buckets in the storage area to maintain a dry environment, reducing the risk of mold and mildew growth.

Security: For added peace of mind regarding the safety of your stored tree, explore using locks or other security measures to safeguard your holiday decorations if stored in outbuildings or offsite storage facilities.

Ensuring the proper storage of your 5-foot artificial Christmas tree is the key to its longevity and continued contribution to the magic of the holiday season year after year. By adhering to these storage guidelines, you’ll simplify the process and pave the way for a stress-free setup when the next holiday season graces your home.

make the holidays beautiful

5-Foot Artificial Christmas Trees at English Gardens of MI – Your Premier Destination for Timeless Holiday Magic

If you’re in search of the finest 5-foot artificial Christmas trees, your quest leads you to English Gardens of Michigan, where we proudly host 6 Christmas Stores within our beautiful garden nurseries in Clinton Township, Dearborn Heights, Royal Oak, West Bloomfield, Eastpointe, and Plymouth. With a legacy of years of expertise in offering top quality, beautiful, and durable artificial Christmas trees, we cater to a diverse range of needs and preferences.

Transform this holiday season into a winter wonderland with a handpicked 5-foot artificial Christmas tree from English Gardens, and let the enchantment unfold! Merry Christmas!


English Garden Nurseries & Garden Centers Serve the Greater Clinton Twp., Dearborn Heights, Royal Oak, West Bloomfield, Eastpointe, and Plymouth Ann Arbor Michigan Areas

Providing garden centers complete with full service landscaping, seasonal holiday stores including their enchanting Christmas Stores, and most locations even offer a full service in house florist

English Gardens Detroit MI area nurseries & garden centers are not only the areas largest garden nurseries, but they offer the largest selection of products and services found anywhere in the Clinton Twp., Dearborn Heights, Royal Oak, West Bloomfield, Eastpointe, and Plymouth Ann Arbor Michigan regions providing full service garden centers, full service landscaping and landscape design, seasonal holiday stores including their enchanting Christmas Stores, the largest selection of Patio Furniture in Michigan, and most locations even offer a full service in house florist for flower arrangements for every day as well as those special occasions such as wedding flowers, event flowers, sympathy and funeral flower arrangements, prom flowers, and more!

Our nurseries and garden centers have the areas largest selection of plants, flowers, shrubs, annuals, perennials, and patio furniture. Garden supplies are in abundance, with everything from garden tools and accessories, to garden and potting soil, mulches, bagged garden stone, pots and so much more. We have everything you need for your outdoor gardening needs.

Landscaping? Count on the professional landscape contractors and designers at English Gardens to Make Your Property Beautiful! We offer both DIY landscaping assistance and full service landscape design and construction with our in house landscaping company.

Our floral designers can create perfect floral arrangements for weddings, events, funerals, proms and the like. Make the moment beautiful.

Our Christmas Stores in addition to being one of the areas best holiday experiences, are filled with live and life-like artificial Christmas trees, including flocked artificial Christmas trees, and those sometimes hard to come by 9 foot flocked artificial Christmas trees, as well as a large, ready to take home inventory, of 3 foot artificial Christmas trees, 4 foot artificial Christmas trees, 5 foot artificial Christmas trees, 7.5 foot artificial Christmas trees, 9 foot artificial Christmas trees and 12 foot artificial Christmas trees, and all of the other holiday items you need like Christmas lights, decorations, Christmas wreaths & garland of all types, and unique gifts. Make the Holiday beautiful!

English Gardens store by store offerings in the Clinton Twp., Dearborn Heights, Royal Oak, West Bloomfield, Eastpointe, and Plymouth Ann Arbor Michigan areas;

Clinton Twp. Garden Centers:

Dearborn Heights Garden Center:

Royal Oak Garden Center:

West Bloomfield Garden Center:

Eastpointe Garden Center:

Plymouth Ann Arbor Garden Center:

Be sure to visit any one of our Garden Centers for the largest selection of products and services the area has to offer. If you have any questions please call one of our stores directly in Clinton Twp., Dearborn Heights, Royal Oak, West Bloomfield, Eastpointe, and Plymouth Ann Arbor Michigan for friendly, prompt help.

Clinton Township, MI

44850 Garfield Rd. at Hall Rd.
Clinton Twp., Michigan 48038

Phone Numbers
Phone: (586) 286-6100
Fax: (586) 286-0033

Dearborn Heights, MI

22650 Ford Rd. at Outer Dr.
Dearborn Heights, Michigan 48127

Phone Numbers
Nursery: (313) 278-4433
Florist: (313) 565-8133
Fax: (313) 278-0459

Eastpointe, MI

22501 Kelly Rd. at Nine Mile Rd.
Eastpointe, Michigan

Phone Numbers
Phone: (586) 771-4200
Fax: (586) 771-4894

Plymouth/Ann Arbor, MI

9900 Ann Arbor Road W.
Plymouth, Michigan

Phone Numbers
Phone: (734) 453-5500

Royal Oak, MI

4901 Coolidge Hwy,
Royal Oak, Michigan

Phone Numbers
Phone: (248) 280-9500
Fax: (248) 280-2688

West Bloomfield, MI

6370 Orchard Lake Rd. at Maple
West Bloomfield Township, Michigan

Phone Numbers
Phone: (248) 851-7506
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Don’t forget to come visit our enchanted Christmas Stores! We have by far the areas largest display of pre-lit and unlit Christmas trees, both Live and Artificial Life-Like Christmas trees in all sizes and varieties, the areas largest selection of Christmas lights in a variety of lengths, sizes, bulb types including energy efficient, and long lasting ,state of the art, LED Christmas lights, Christmas Garland, Christmas wreaths, Christmas decorations, and that perfect gift for that special someone!

Make Christmas Beautiful! Come to English Gardens This Christmas, It’s Fun For The Whole Family!

When it comes to the holidays other than Christmas, you won’t be disappointed, From July 4th, to Labor Day, Columbus Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, Mothers and Fathers Day and more, you guessed it, you can count on English Gardens to Make the Holiday Beautiful!

Make the Holidays Beautiful! Come to English Gardens!

At the end of the day, we all enjoy putting a smile on our, and other’s faces, come to English Gardens at any one of our convenient locations and Make Today Beautiful!

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