Moles In Your Lawn

Have Moles in Your Lawn?

There are a number of ways to rid the lawn of moles.

One of the most effective is using a non-toxic castor oil based product which will disrupt the mole’s ability to feed in the area, causing them to leave. We carry several different products like this at English Gardens. The real key to using them is to apply the product to 1/3 of the yard at a time over the course of a week or two, starting closest to the house in order to drive the moles out of the yard rather than doing the entire yard at one time and trapping the moles inside.

Toxic baits can also be used, however many of these require you to cut into the mole tunnels and if the moles figure out that you’ve been there they will likely abandon the tunnel rather than encounter the bait.

Finally, you can use mechanical methods of ridding the yard of moles, either by using a sonic stake that drives them from the yard or a mole spike trap placed on top of the tunnels that will kill the mole (usually only one or two live in a given area unless a litter has recently been born).

Find the closest English Gardens to you, and our associates will be able to show you all of these options to find a solution!