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Pothos is a popular trailing house plant that is practically indestructible. Often called Devil's Ivy because in its native environment of Southeast Asia it is hard to kill when allowed to grow freely. With their adaptability and drought-tolerance, they make great house plants. Plus they are a top-rated air-purifier, helping clean the air of toxins. Their heart-shaped leaves come in a range of variations, from bright chartreuse to deep green. 


Pothos can tolerate a wide range of lighting conditions. From dark bathrooms and hallways to brightly lit kitchens, Pothos are adaptable to almost any indoor environment. They do prefer bright, indirect light and will get sunburned if kept in direct light. Keep in mind if your plant is variegated or has very light foliage it will require more light to keep its coloring.


Pothos are happiest when their soil can dry out completely between waterings. Water thoroughly and remove any standing water for the saucer below the plant. Pothos do not like soggy roots.

Pothos can also grow exclusively in water. If grown from a cutting, place your plant in water until roots sprout. You can then plant in soil, or leave it in water.  Monitor water levels and refill as needed.


Pothos aren't heavy feeders but still grow fairly quickly without any extra nutrients. You can use a balanced house plant fertilizer once a quarter for an extra boost.

These plants are susceptible to mealy bugs and other insects. Give them a rise in the sink at the first sign of pests, or treat with an insecticide designed for house plants.

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