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With more than 20,000 species, Orchids are the largest plant family on earth. From blooms the size of a dime, to ones larger than a hand, they are one of the most unique flowering plants you can own. Orchids are a great way to bring a touch of the tropics into your home. They have long-lasting blooms and with the right conditions can continue to bloom all year long.


Although lighting requirements vary slightly depending on the Orchid variety, most prefer bright light. Placing them near a south or east-facing window should provide adequate light to keep them happy. Be conscious about how far from bright light your plant is. Orchids need adequate light to produce blooms. If you cannot get your Orchid to rebloom, it most likely needs more light.


Watering your orchid is a simple process, but knowing when to water can be a little tricky!  There is no set watering schedule for an orchid. However, there are signs your orchids need to be watered.  If the foliage or flowers are starting to droop, that is a sign.

The best pot for your orchid is a clear plastic orchid pot with drainage holes.  Orchids do not need soil, but are usually combined with orchid media, or bark.  This media holds moisture that your orchid drinks from, and keeps your orchid standing straight.  The orchid pot is then usually placed in a decorative pot for display.

When watering an orchid, it is best not to use softened or chlorinated water.  The salt from these types of water can build up over time and kill the roots.  Distilled or rainwater is preferable.  Not always available, you can water your orchid from water from your sink.  Fill a container and let the water sit for a day or two. Dunk your orchid in the container and allow the water to drain completely before replacing it in its decorative container.


It is always good to fertilize your blooming orchid occasionally.  Using fertilizer made for orchids is always recommended. A 20-20-20 formula without urea is best. When the bloom cycle is ended and you are trying to encourage reblooming, fertilizing regularly will give your orchids the necessary nutrients to rebloom.

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