Philodendron Rojo Congo

Light The Rojo Congo prefers bright, indirect light. However, it will still do well in low-lighting situations. Keep you plant away from direct sunlight. The leaves may get burned and […]

Berry Bushes

English Gardens carries a number of varieties, including: *Varieties vary by location and season. Blackberry Blueberry Currant Gooseberry Grapes Honeyberry Marionberry Raspberry Seaberry

Fruit Trees

*Selection varies by store and throughout the season. Apples Multi-grafted Apples Apricots Aprium, apricot x plum hybrid Cherries Multi-grafted Cherries Figs Nectarines Peaches Pears Multi-grafted Pears Persimmon Plums Quince Serviceberry


English Gardens carries nearly 100 varieties of herbs with delightful fragrances, leaf textures and robust flavors. The most popular herbs include basil, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. If you’re unsure […]


Grow Vegetables in Containers & Mixing Veggies with Flowers If you’re limited on space, vegetables grow well in containers. You can also consider mixing garden vegetables and herbs into your […]

Seed and Seed Starting

Growing plants from seeds is very cost-effective, fun, and a great way to get a head start on Spring. This is also a great activity to get children involved in […]