Daffodil Flower Care

Daffodil Flowers

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Caring for Fresh-cut Daffodils

  • Start with a very clean vase. Fill it about halfway with fresh, room-temperature water.
  • Hold the daffodils next to your vase to gauge how much stem you'll need to trim.
  • Using a sharp knife or floral shears, cut stems underwater at 45-degree angle so they don't sit flat on the bottom of the vase, for better water absorption. You can leave the protective husks on or gently remove them. Daffodils will last longer in shallow water.
  • Frequent re-cutting of the stems helps prolong the life of fleshy-stemmed flowers, such as daffodils. Your daffodils might arrive with closed buds, but they will open over the next few days after conditioning.

Care Tip

  • Recondition the flowers every two to three days: Re-cut the stems and change the water. Keep fresh flowers in a cool area to help them last longer.

Daffodil Tip

  • Daffodils release a substance harmful to other flowers, so they are best kept to themselves in arrangements. If you'd like to mix them with other flowers, first place the cut stems in a container of cool water to soak overnight. This soaking helps the daffodils release some of the harmful substance.