Winter can be dreary; brighten it by creating a tropical paradise in your home. House plants can add color to your home while creating a relaxing and peaceful environment. They also have the added benefit of purifying the air and boosting your immune system.

We have a few tips to bring the tropics indoors this winter.


Envision a sunny, tropical island and think what plants and details can help recreate that atmosphere in your home.

Décor and Color

Choose plants that work with your décor. Using floor plants in corners or adding table top and hanging plant can enhance your existing décor. You don’t need plants in every corner, but one or two in a few rooms can have a huge impact.

Add pops of color with flowering plants. Anthuriums and bromeliads are a great way to add deep reds, pinks and yellows. Or use variegated plants like Crotons, Cordylines and Chinese Evergreen.  

Add to the tropical feel by selecting containers with bright colors or vibrant patterns. Playing off existing themes, or adding pops of color can complete the décor in your room.


Tropical plants like a lot of natural light, which can be scarce, especially in the winter. Ideally your plants would get a hardy dose of natural light from the windows in the room. If that’s not possible, try swapping your florescent light bulbs for warm light bulbs. This should help your tropical paradise thrive even on the dreariest of days.


Incorporate natural elements into your home to complete your oasis. Small water features, bamboo palms and lighter fabrics can also make any room a tropical paradise.

For help choosing plants for your home, visit any English Gardens location and talk with an expert.