Plant Bulbs in the Fall for Beautiful Spring Color

Bright Star™ Coneflower

This year’s selection includes Core Tulips: 61 Varieties Daffodils: 27 Varieties Core Crocus: 16 Varieties Autumn Flowering Crocus: 5 Varieties Hyacinth: 12 Varieties Allium: 13 Varieties Lilies: 4 Varieties Anemone: […]

Plants for Privacy

Evergreens and Trees 1. Arborvitae – This is the most popular plant for privacy because of its tall, narrow growing habit.  The more popular variety Emerald Green grows 10 to […]

Plants For Pollinators

Did you know… There are over 200,000 species of pollinators. At least 1,500 of which are birds and mammals. Honey Bees need to visit five million flowers to make one […]


English Gardens carries nearly 50 varieties – there’s one that’s bound to fit perfectly in your garden. Hydrangeas do best planted in areas with sun or partial sun, planted in consistently moist, […]


Generally, shrubs are multi-stemmed and range in size from 6 inches to 15 feet tall. Sometimes they begin their life in the garden as a smaller or moderate size shrub […]


Deciduous Shade Trees Beech Birch Black Gum Black Locust Ginkgo Honey Locust Maple Oak Sycamore Tulip Tree Willow Deciduous Flowering Trees Cherry Crab Apple Dogwood Japanese Snowbell Lilac Tree Magnolia […]


By placing your rose bush in decent soil with adequate drainage, 5 to 6 hours of sun daily, plenty of water and regular care, you’ll be blessed with beautiful roses! […]


Bright Star™ Coneflower

There are hundreds of perennial varieties, which are appropriate for any landscape, including extremes in sun, soil, and moisture. Once established, perennials will perform with only occasional fertilizing and pruning. […]


Annuals can brighten drab corners, dull patios or empty borders with a mix of colors. They’re among the most adaptable of plants, requiring little more than good light, water, and […]