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Events and Workshops

  1. 104.3 WOMC Design & Dinner
  2. Free In-store Presentation: New Plants for 2015
  3. 104.3 WOMC Design & Dinner
  4. Free In-store Presentation: All About Hydrangeas
  5. Kid's Workshop: Create a Garden Game - Tic Tac Toe
  6. Jamie Durie Live Appearance & Book Signing - Exclusive for Garden Club Members
  7. Free In-store Presentation: Perennial Gardening 101
  8. Jamie Durie Live Appearance & Book Signing - Open to the Public

    Jamie Durie Live Appearance & Book Signing - Open to the Public

    Saturday, July 25 at 1:00 pm|Royal Oak store

     FREE & Open to the Public 
    Join us for a presentation by America's favorite designer. Jamie Durie will share great information for the 2015 gardening season.

    Pre-registration is required. Click here to register! 

    Want to attend the exclusive event on Friday, July 24 from 6 to 8p.m.?
    If you're a Garden Club member, register by clicking here! Not a member? Become a member here.

  9. Free In-store Presentation: Low Maintenance Gardening Tips
  10. Kid's Workshop: Super Succulents
  11. Free In-store Presentation: Keep the Bugs at Bay
  12. Make It & Take It Workshop: Mosquito Repelling Container Garden
  13. Free In-store Presentation: Plants for Screening
  14. Kid's Workshop: Flower Pot Bird Bath
  15. Free In-store Presentation: Cool Plants for Shade
  16. Free In-store Presentation: Add Fall Color to Container Gardens
  17. Free In-Store Presentation: Fall Lawn Care
  18. Free In-store Presentation: Fairy Gardening
  19. Make It & Take It Workshop: Fairy Garden
  20. Free In-store Presentation: Landscape Design Workshop
  21. Free In-Store Presentation: Planting Spring-Flowering Bulbs
  22. Kid's Workshop: Plant a Spring Bulb Garden
  23. Free In-store Presentation: Fall Decorating Tips
  24. Free In-store Presentation: How to Build a Terrarium
  25. Make It & Take It Workshop: Terrarium
  26. Free In-Store Presentation: Tips on Diving & Transplanting
  27. Free In-Store Presentation: Putting Your Garden To Bed
  28. Kid's Workshop: Plant a Little Pot of Horrors