Light Succulents need a lot of light to thrive. Most varieties need about 6 hours of bright light a day. Indirect, or filtered light is best. Be cautious about keeping […]

Spider Plant

Light Although the Spider Plant isn’t fussy about lighting conditions, it does prefer moderate, indirect light. Keep the plant away from direct light or the leaves can get sunburned. If […]

Snake Plant

Light Snake Plants aren’t fussy about where their light comes from. They adapt rather well to a brightly lit room or a shadowy hall wall or bathroom.  While they prefer […]


Light Shamrocks love light. Even artific all clovers are shamrocks ial light is beneficial. They do best with a few hours of full sun, but if that’s not possible try […]


Light Pothos can tolerate a wide range of lighting conditions. From dark bathrooms and hallways to brightly lit kitchens, Pothos are adaptable to almost any indoor environment. They do prefer […]

Ponytail Palm

Light Like most succulents, Ponytail Palms prefer bright, indirect light. Rotate your plant periodically so it grows evenly. If your Ponytail Palm starts to get leggy it needs more sunlight. […]

Polka Dot Plant

Light These plants are relatively low maintenance and establish quickly in most indoor environments. Bright, indirect light is ideal for the Polka Dot Plant, however, their variegation will start to […]

Swiss Cheese Philodendron

Light Swiss Cheese Philodendrons can adjust to most lighting conditions. Although they prefer bright, indirect light, they can also adapt to low light conditions. If keeping your plant in low […]

Pilea Peperomioides

Light Pileas prefer medium to bright light. Although they can adjust to lower lighting conditions, it will start to get leggy and produce fewer leaves. The leaves are sensitive to […]

Peace Lily

Light Like most plants, Peace Lilies prefer bright, indirect light, but will adjust and even thrive in lower lighting conditions. You will often see Peace Lilies in offices or hallways […]

Norfolk Pine

Light Corn Plants prefer bright, filtered light. A sunny spot a few feet from a window would be ideal. If your plant starts to lose its variegation, it needs a […]

Orchid Plant

Light Although lighting requirements vary slightly depending on the Orchid variety, most prefer bright light. Placing them near a south or east-facing window should provide adequate light to keep them […]

Philodendron Monstera

Light Monsteras do best with bright indirect light. Although they can tolerate lower lighting conditions, their growth will slow. Keep your plant protected from direct light. The leaves will get […]

Money Tree

Light Money Trees prefer bright, indirect light to medium light. However, they can adjust to lower lighting conditions and can even handle fluorescent lighting. Keep them away from direct light, […]

Majesty Palm

Light Majesty Palms need as much light as possible without getting direct sunlight. Four to six hours of bright, indirect light a day is best. Keeping them near a sunny […]


Light During the winter months, Cyclamens are in a bloom cycle. Keep them in a bright, spot out of direct light. These plants prefer temperatures between 50 and 70 degrees, […]


Growing in Water Amaryllis like a tight-fitting container and one that will keep the plant upright after blooming. So selecting something that has a heavier base is best.  Most kits […]


Bullock's Heart Ivy

Light The most important aspect of Ivy Plant care is providing adequate light. Most Ivy varieties prefer bright, indirect light. Some varieties can handle medium lighting conditions, but heavily variegated […]

Christmas Cactus (Holiday Cactus)

There are three types of Holiday Cactus, each named for the holiday they bloom closest to. Easter Cactus (S. gaetneri) Thanksgiving Cactus (S. truncata) Christmas Cactus (s. x buckelyi) Thanksgiving […]

Boston Fern

Light Boston Ferns prefer bright, indirect light, direct sunlight will burn the fronds. If outdoors, placing them in an area with morning sun is best, with protection from the afternoon […]


Light Crotons need bright light to look their best. Placing them within 3 feet of a window will keep them happiest. If placing them outdoors during the summer, acclimate them […]

China Doll

Light China Doll does best in a space that receives between 4-5 hours of bright light a day. For best results, keep this plant within 3-4 feet of a window, […]


Light Native to the floor of the tropical rainforest, Calathea plants are used to filtered light. They cannot tolerate bright light, so keep your plant in an area with bright, […]

Cataractarum Palm

Light Like all Palms, Cataractarums prefer bright indirect light. This plant will not do well in a shadowy corner. Keeping your Palm in a sunroom or in front of a […]

Cast Iron Plant

Light Cast Iron Plants can thrive in even the darkest of conditions, but low to medium light is ideal. Keep your plant away from bright direct light, they get sunburned […]


Light Bromeliads can handle a variety of lighting conditions but are happiest with bright indirect light. Protect your plant from direct sunlight. Prolong exposure to direct light can cause damage […]

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise is the perfect low-maintenance addition to your home. Originally from Southern Africa, this tropical plant has beautiful large foliage and blooms bright orange flowers that resemble the […]


The Anthurium is a tropical plant that grows well indoors. Native to places like Hawaii, these plants sprout beautiful, colored spathes that last for months at a time. They require […]

Aloe Vera

Light Aloe Plants prefer bright indirect light. Placing them within a few feet of a window is ideal, although they can survive in medium lighting conditions they tend to get […]


Light When indoors, these plants prefer bright, indirect light. In their natural habitat, they grow beneath the canopy of trees, so when outdoors a partially sunny area is best. Keep […]


Light Like most plants, the Chinese Evergreen prefers bright, indirect light. However, it will adjust to just about any lighting condition. Some varieties will even thrive in darker corners or […]

Air Plants

Light Ideal conditions for Air Plants are bright, indirect light. Protect them from direct sunlight, as the leaves will dry out quickly and become cripsy. A south or north-facing window […]

African Violets

Little Axel African Violet

Light African Violets need bright light to bloom. Keeping them within 2 feet of a south, west or east-facing window should provide enough light to keep them happy. If you […]

Spring House Plant Care

Water With more sun available and rising temperatures, your plants are using more energy and in turn, will need water more often. Monitor the soil moisture daily while the season […]