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Whether you're vacationing at home or traveling out of town, we have products that will help make your summer more enjoyable.

Vacation at Home

Relaxation probably tops your "to-do" list if you're enjoying a "stay-cation" this year. Make sure you have the things you need to enjoy your backyard.

Places to sit and relax, the relaxing sound of water, beautiful containers and accessories, are all the elements that transform a garden into a functional and enjoyable space. Create beautiful surroundings in your backyard and you won't want to leave home.

Today, outdoor living spaces also include modern conveniences, including kitchens, cozy fire pits, and even elements like water gardens, privacy screens and solar lighting.

When planning an outdoor room, think about how you'll use the space. Entertaining? Relaxing in private? Enjoying recreational activities? Gardening? Or all of the above? You'll want to make sure to include the elements needed to enjoy the space.

Select the right furniture for the room's function: Dining, entertaining or just relaxing. You might even need a combination of all three types, depending on your specific needs.

Patio furniture dining sets are available in many sizes from small bistro sets for two people, to 48-inch tables with four chairs; to sets with 60-inch oval or rectangle tables that will accommodate 7 or 9 people.

Just like indoor furniture, patio furniture comes in many different finishes. Some of the more popular include:

  • Sling Aluminum with sturdy, non-rust frames and comfortable, easy care fabric;
  • Cast Aluminum, which does not rust, making it a perfect choice for Michigan's ever-changing weather. Plus, it's heavy and suitable for windy areas.
  • Wrought Iron, typically with intricate designs with a coated  finish for rust resistance; and
  • All Weather Wicker designed for outdoor use and constructed from superior quality, all-weather poly resin with rust-proof aluminum frames. Investing in a good quality patio dining set saves you money in the long run, because it lasts and stays looking nice for a longer period of time.

With the furniture in place, add accessories. Colorful cushions, pillows and throws create inviting areas to sit and relax. Colorful tableware in unbreakable plastic resembles fine china or porcelain to enhance the dining experience. Who says you have to eat on paper plates if you're dining al fresco?

Decorate the space with container gardens filled with plants and flowers. Consider a fountain for the relaxing sound of water. Add a statue, candles or torches, or even bird houses or feeders to attract wildlife.

Incorporating lighting is especially important in an outdoor dining area, whether through candles in your centerpiece, string lights around your trees, citronella torches, solar-powered lights, or decorative lanterns.

A fire pit provides a wonderful ambient glow, a central focal point on the patio, and a source of warmth on a chilly spring night. It's also great for family time and entertaining friends after dark.

This summer, create an outdoor room in your garden so you can enjoy beautiful summer nights right in your own backyard.

Leaving Home

Make sure your plants and garden are cared for in your absence. Enlisting the help of a neighbor is always an option, but there are a number of products available to make leaving home worry free. These options are great if you're away from home, but they're also time-savers for every day.

Proven Winners Water Wise Plant Watering System

Set your container gardens on a drip irrigation system with a timer, and they'll automatically be watered every day. It's easy to install.

Solar Pot Dripper

This handy tool works with a unique bio climatic regulator that regulates the proper amount of water a plant receives, based on temperature and sunshine.

Plant Nanny

Decorative tools designed to water your plants. Simply insert a plastic soda bottle or wine bottle filled with water into the end and plants will be watered for up to a week.

Glass Plant Quencher

Keep your indoor plants watered while on vacation with these colorful watering bulbs of hand blown glass.


Vacation is an all-natural, anti-drought, liquid plant treatment. Mix Vacation with water and apply to your plant as a normal watering. Your plants will remain in a state of drought resistance for up to two weeks as long as they are not watered. Vacation is an effective tool to protect against drought and plant transplant shock. Safe & nontoxic for people and pets.