Creating an Outdoor Room

Create an Outdoor Room for Your Home

The outdoor room should contain all the elements of an indoor room:

  • floor,
  • walls and
  • ceiling.

Design Principles to Create Interest and Drama

Evergreens, shrubs, a fence or trellis define the boundary or walls of the outdoor room.

Overhead structures such as a pergola, arbor or the canopy of trees become the ceiling.

Vertical elements can be used to frame your view, leading your eye to a focal point in the garden. Likewise, they can also obscure an unwanted view, like the back of a neighbor’s garage, and add privacy.

Vertical elements also make a small space feel larger by drawing your eye up, emphasizing the height. They can also make a large space feel more intimate by interrupting your line of sight. Whether you wish to frame a focal point, screen a view, or create a sense of seclusion incorporating these design principles into your plan will help you achieve your goals and create interest and drama.

Select the Right Furniture

Once the room is defined, select the right furniture for the room’s function:  Dining, entertaining or just relaxing.  You might even need a combination of all three types, depending on how you’ll use the space.

Finally, be sure to accessorize.  Add container gardens filled with plants and flowers. Consider a fountain for the relaxing sound of water.  Add a statue, candles or torches, or even bird houses or feeders to attract wildlife.

The Perfect Outdoor Space

Whatever your style, English Gardens stores carry a complete selection of outdoor furniture and accessories for your perfect outdoor space. Or let our professional landscape designers create your outdoor room, from design to installation.