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Outdoor Gardening

Outdoor Gardening

Plants have always been a natural part of our lives and we are inherently connected to nature and its beauty. The strength and structure of a shade tree, the visual color explosion of annuals or the tranquility of a water garden are images that create a bond with nature.

In our yards and gardens, the relationship to nature becomes even more important. When space allows, there can be large expanses of lawns, or an oasis of planted trees and elaborate shrub plantings.
For care and planting instructions for trees and shrubs, click here.

When space is limited, hanging baskets and container gardens help create and fill the need for a natural connection.

Plants and flowers help create attractive surroundings to make spaces inside your home or outside more livable.

English Gardens stores are your year-round Michigan source for all varieties of plants and flowers. Our selection includes:

You’ll find hundreds of different varieties at English Gardens.

Selection varies by location and season.