Yucca Plant

The Yucca Plant is a type of upright succulent, palm-like plant that is great for adding texture and green to your space. The dagger-shaped leaves can grow outward from a bulbous trunk, making them great for filling corners or adding a bit of height to a space. Yucca plants are great for newbie plant parents since they are incredibly low-maintenance, and thrive on a bit of neglect.


A Yucca Plant does best with bright, indirect light.  A bright corner, or near a window is best.

Lower lighting conditions will slow down your plant's growth. While bright, direct light can cause sunburned leaves or white spots to appear.


Yuccas are extremely drought tolerant and will fade quickly if overwatered. They like to dry out completely before being watered. Through the Spring and Summer, check the soil weekly before watering. In the winter, check the soil every few weeks before watering.

As a desert plant, Yuccas will perform best in a dry environment and don't do well in high humidity environments.


Feed your Yucca Plant with a controlled-release fertilizer monthly, Spring through Summer. Do not fertilize during the Fall and Winter.

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