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Is your landscape blah and void of any character? Do you have an unwanted view into your neighbors yard? There's an easy solution!

By planting a few trees and shrubs you can define your space, create a little privacy or offer your home a shady retreat. Planting a tree or two will also help you reduce your carbon footprint and can help reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home.

Yes, trees really are cool, and planting a tree in your yard today will have a positive impact on the environment for years to come. In fact, they're one of the easiest and smartest examples of how “Going Green” equals doing the right thing for our environment, plus adding many other benefits to our surroundings.

  • Trees filter pollutants, absorb carbon dioxide and help fight erosion.
  • A healthy tree cools the air equivalent to ten room-sized air conditioners operating 20 hours per day.

Trees planted in urban areas can help reduce heating and cooling costs by 20%.

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Shrubs are the framework of any garden setting and have a multitude of uses. Each garden's living plant framework is started with, and then created by, a selection of shrubs.

  • Create the background for a focal point.
  • Screen out unwanted views.
  • Guide you from one area to another and create site lines.
  • Define and separate areas within the garden.
  • Reduce soil erosion.
  • Act as a wildlife habitat.
  • Reduce noise.
  • Offer seasonal color and fragrance.
  • Provide texture, color and motion.

Frequently shrubs are multi-stemmed and generally range in size from six inches to 15 feet tall. Sometimes shrubs begin their lives in a garden as a smaller or moderate size shrub, and in later years grow larger and become tree size. It's important to take into account each shrub's projected growth rate when planning your garden project. If you aren't sure, our experts at English Gardens are available to help.

The useful life of a shrub is often 20 or more years, which also means that it usually takes two or three years to develop shrubs in your garden. Select your shrubs carefully, seek expert advice, and ask for design help whenever needed. Whether for function or beauty, the right shrub will add value to your home and garden.

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