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A Beautiful and Thoughtful Way to Honor Life.

Send flowers. It's a beautiful and thoughtful way to honor a life.

Providing comfort to someone who has lost a loved one is often difficult. Sending condolences, usually in the form of flowers, are a common practice. Traditionally, flowers are sent to the funeral home for display during the viewing and service.

Sending condolences to the bereaved person or family's home is also very acceptable, suggestions include: green house plants, orchid plant or an English Gardens Gift Garden, which will last several weeks or months.

Personalize a sympathy arrangement to depict an aspect of a person's life. If the deceased was a man who loved to fish, a tribute incorporating a fishing pole and tackle would be suitable. For an avid gardener, incorporate a garden stepping stone or bird bath into the arrangement as a lasting keepsake for the family.

Some traditional arrangements sent to the funeral home, include:

  • Wreath: A circle symbolizes eternal life.
  • Spray: Often placed on an easel and designed for viewing from one side only.
  • Floral Arrangement: A mix of fresh flowers displayed in a vase, basket or other container.
  • Casket Spray: Flowers designed for the top of the casket - usually ordered by the family.
  • Inside Piece: Small floral designs, such as satin hearts, nosegays or small sprays, placed inside the casket.

English Gardens floral designers can create a beautiful tribute to express your sympathies.

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