Everyday Flowers

Everyday Flowers for Your Home

Why wait for a special occasion when you can brighten someone's day with fresh flowers and plants? Studies have shown that living with flowers in the home or office can make people feel more compassionate toward others, have less worry, lower anxiety, and feel less depressed.

English Gardens offers a great selection of fresh-cut flowers, custom arrangements, as well as flowering and tropical plants to add a touch of nature to the interior of your home or office. 

Green Plants

Green plants, in particular, have been shown to help clean the air. Common varieties of indoor plants may provide a natural way of helping combat "Sick Building Syndrome." The top 10 plants most effective in removing formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide from the air are: Bamboo Palm, Chinese Evergreen, English Ivy, Gerbera Daisy, Janet Craig Dracaena, Dracaena Marginata, Dracaena Warneckii, Corn Plant, Sansevieria, Chrysanthemum, and Peace Lily.

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