Garden Party Weekend

Two days packed with informative gardening seminars! Come see what's new for the season!

Topics include:

Lore and Lure of Plants: Growing Kids Into Gardeners
By Janet Macunovich, Garden Designer and WriterHow do we get kids interested in gardening? Janet will share products and activities for budding gardeners.

It’s Garden Time
By Nancy Szerlag, Gardening Columnist for the Detroit NewsJoin Nancy as she shares her wealth of knowledge on this year’s hottest gardening trends!

Container Gardening Made Easy
Add a splash of color to your porch or patio with a container garden. English Gardens experts share their tips for easy container gardening.

Protect Your Beautiful Garden from Animal Damage
By Marilyn Cox, I Must Garden
Marilyn shares her tips to reduce nibbling and protect your garden from animal grazing.

Gardening 101
English Gardens experts take it back to the basics with this comprehensive seminar on spring gardening.

Grow Your Best Lawn
Maintaining a lush and healthy lawn starts with maintenance in the spring.

All About Hydrangeas
Hydrangeas are the most popular flowering shrubs, but there are many varieties to choose from. We’ll give you an overview of the different varieties and help you select the best ones for your garden.

Introduction to Vegetable Gardening
Grow, pick and eat vegetables from your own garden! We’ll share expert advice on starting your edible garden.

Stop Browsing Deer & Rabbits from Destroying Your Landscape
By Julia Hofley, PlantskyddThey might be cute, but deer and rabbits can cause serious damage in your landscape. Julia explains how to successfully repel animal browsers.



03/24/2018 10:00 AM - 03/25/2018 6:00 PM
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