Make your holidays shiny and bright with lights from English Gardens! Here are just a few new products we’ve added to our selection this year.

50 Light LED sets with random twinkling bulbs.  Choose from warm white, winter white or solid colors and every sixth bulb twinkles resembling old-fashion twinkle lights. 

Silver and gold spheres create a glow anywhere. Resembling mercury glass, these spheres have LED lights inside them.  They are shatter-resistant, and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.  They’re available in six and eight-inch diameters. Use individually or connect them together to create a string.

Starry Light Twinkling LED lights add a bit of sparkle. Available in Warm White, Pure White or Multi LED bulbs, these sets feature 200 bulbs that will stay lit, even if one is broken.  They have very close bulb spacing and random twinkling bulbs throughout the set.  Great for indoor or outdoor use.

Snowflakes create a winter wonderland anywhere. Available in 13-inch, 27-inch and 40-inch, these snowflakes come in two styles on a Cool White LED Neon Flex rope light attached. They are great for indoor or outdoor use.

Create a grand welcome with these LED Twig Trees. Available in several sizes and two colors of twigs.  The twigs or sticks have LED lights wrapped to them in several solid colors, plus warm white or winter white.   These trees come ready to display, just plug them in and you’re done.  Some even come with random twinkling bulbs for a very festive effect.

Create a Christmas scene in your yard with these new holiday figurines. A 67-inch snowman, a reindeer, or a 7-foot-tall LED Cone Tree are just a few things to greet Santa.

Battery-operated LED window candles will light the night all season. The light shines differently on two sides of the bulb. Position the brighter side to face outdoors, and the other side that gives off a softer glow indoors. They’re battery-operated with a six-hour auto timer and available in five metal base color options. The height is adjustable in case there are any mullions in your window.

The LED window candles are available in-store or online.

Visit English Gardens stores to check out our entire selection of indoor and outdoor Christmas light options or shop online.