Every year about this time we want hit the fast-forward button on winter and jump right into Spring. Snow melting, forsythia blooming, Robin sightings, birds singing and the lawn greening up are all signs Spring is close and it’s time to get in the garden.

Spring garden prep can start as soon as the weather breaks. Here are some things you can do in your garden this month:

1) Clean-up

Clean up your yard and beds by removing leaves, debris and winter mulch so new growth can break through. Also cut back perennials and prune shrubs that bloom on new growth or anything that has been damaged over the winter. Remove any weeds that have overwintered.

2) Soil TLC

Start by testing your soil’s pH and nutrient levels. English Gardens offers free soil pH testing through April 8, 2019. An English Garden expert will make recommendations based on the results.

Improve your soil in planting beds by incorporating soil conditioner and compost, which will add organic material and promote healthy plants. An application of Espoma Bio-tone or Assure Plant Success will add beneficial microbes to the soil.

3) Lawn TLC

Early Spring is a great time to de-thatch, fill in low spots and fertilize your lawn. Make sure your lawn isn’t too wet when starting your work.

4) Prep

Start by re-edging your beds. This will help freshen up the garden right away. Top dress beds with a new layer of mulch in the Spring to reduce weeds, conserve moisture and give everything a fresh look. Add fertilizer to trees, shrubs and perennials. An organic slow-release formula like Espoma’s “Tone” products are great options. Apply Preen to deter weeds throughout the season. These tips will have your yard and garden ready for Spring.