The Christmas tree is the center of holiday celebrations. Follow these tips to make your decorating easier.

Assemble the Items needed to decorate your Christmas Tree

Lights & Accessories

  • Christmas Lights
  • Extension Cords
  • Remote On/Off Switch
  • Real Evergreen Scent for life-like trees 

Tree Trim

  • Ribbon
  • Bead Garland
  • Silk Flowers
  • Glass Ornaments
  • Novelty Ornaments
  • Tree Top
  • Icicles
  • Ornament Hooks
  • Wire (paddle or sticks)
  • Tree Skirt

Accessories for Fresh Trees

  • Tree Stand: Utilize a heavy-duty stand for trees over 10 feet tall. 
  • Tree Stand Tray
  • Tree Bag Disposal 
  • Prolong Tree Preservative 

Selecting a Theme

Most people have eclectic trees with decorations accumulated over the years.  However, there has been a trend toward theme trees that match a room's decor. 

Deciding on a theme can be based upon color or concept: 

  • Color: Red, green, gold and silver are always popular. Plus, we're seeing plantinum, bronze and even Millenium Pink. 
  • Concept: Popular themes today include: angels, sports, Santas, musical, Children's favorite characters like Disney, and hobbies, such as golf and fishing.

If you're having trouble deciding on a theme, browse our professionally decorated Christmas trees for ideas and inspriations. 

Selecting Ornaments & Trim

  • Select two or more styles of ornaments that complement one another in shape, color, and pattern.  Choosing the same type of glass (all round, for example) and the tree gets a cookie-cutter look, which can be boring.
  • Select a floral, berry or glass pick.
  • Choose a garland:  Bead, wood, wire-star, etc.
  • Select a great looking ribbon to use as a garland or to make a tree-top bow.
  • Selecting several different styles of novelty ornaments:  4 to 6 of each for a total of 32 to 48 ornaments for a standard 7 1/2-ft. tree.

Order of Decorations

  • Lights: If you will only see the front of the tree, you should still light it all the way around.  Decorations only need to be added on the sides you'll see. Following are our recommendations for a professional look:  

  • Garland & Ribbon: The next decorations to add. 
  • Ornaments & Trims: Divide the tree into four parts and add the same variety of decorations to each section. 
  • Tree Top: The ultimate, crowning glory. 

If you need advice, visit your local store and talk to one of our decorators.