English Gardens highlights beneficial insects with a series of events on Saturday, June 9, 2018.

Third Annual Ladybug Giveaway
Starting at 9 a.m., our stores will be giving away half a million ladybugs! Gardeners will receive one bag of 150 ladybugs free with any purchase. There is a limit of one bag per household, while supplies last.

Ladybugs are beneficial for the garden, and an organic pest control for your garden. They eat aphids, spider mites, immature white flies and other soft-bodies insect pests.

One bag of ladybugs can cover 150 square feet or approximately 10 shrubs. For best results, release your ladybugs at dusk or the early evening when temperatures are cooler. If released during higher temperatures, it is likely your ladybugs will not stay in the garden.

Spray a fine mist over plants before release, as well. This provides a source of hydration.

#LadybugLove Contest
Show your #LadybugLove on Facebook and you could win a $50 gift card to English Gardens!

During our Ladybug Giveaway on Saturday, June 9, take a photo at our store or of you releasing the ladybugs at home.

Share the photo on Facebook with the hashtag #LadybugLove and tag @EnglishGardens.

We’ll randomly select one person to win a $50 English Gardens gift card!

Free Seminar: Bees & Beneficial Insects
10 a.m. at English Gardens five main stores
Bees, ladybugs and nematodes are friends, not enemies of the garden. Learn more about these beneficial insects that help keep pests away and keep your garden flourishing.

Super Sprouts Kid’s Club Event 
Join us for our monthly Super Sprouts Kid’s Club Event at 11:30 a.m. Kid’s can create a set of three hand painted lady bug rocks.

English Gardens will supply all the materials. The event is free, and advanced registration is required. Sign up
in-store or online.