December gardening seems like something you’d only do in warmer climates, but there is still time to get trees, shrubs, perennials, and spring-flowering bulbs planted if you haven’t yet this year. You can plant until the ground freezes, and remember to continue to water newly established plants until there is a layer of snow on the ground. 

Decorate your Entrance

Even if your garden is set for the year, there is still plenty to do outdoors. Create a welcoming entrance for the Holiday Season by creating a custom evergreen container. 

Follow the “Thriller, Spiller, Filler” concept and start by filling the container with a mixture of fresh evergreens. Add Spillers that flow over the sides, such as cedar or white pine, and finish with Thrillers such as a small evergreen tree in the center of tall colorful branches, such as red-twig dogwood, curly willow or gold, and silver sparkle sticks for a dash of holiday spirit.

Finish with ribbon, ornaments or a few battery-operated LED lighted branches for a festive holiday decoration.

Watch our video on Creating an Evergreen Container

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