Christmas is full of traditions, and choosing the perfect Christmas Tree is a family favorite. English Gardens experts offer some great tips for picking out the perfect tree this year.

  1. Measure, measure and then measure again.

    Whether you are buying a fresh-cut or artificial, life-like tree, knowing how much space you have is the first step. What’s the height of your room? Leave at least six inches of space between the ceiling and the top of the tree, and you’ll have the maximum height of your tree.

    Diameter is next. There are slim, medium and wide-profile options in life-like trees, and fresh trees have different girths depending on the individual tree. The wider the tree, the more of a focal point it becomes in the room. Measure how wide the area is.  Will you need to re-arrange furniture to make it fit?

  2. Freshness, Fullness and Fragrance

    When selecting a fresh-cut tree look for one that is symmetrical with full branches. Fresh trees may have a hole here and there. These spaces are perfect for larger ornaments.

    To test for freshness, grab a branch between your thumb and forefinger and slide it towards you. If you end up with needles in your hand, then select another tree. If the needles stay on the branches, then the tree is fresh and ready to take home. Be sure the diameter of the trunk fits into your tree stand.

    For life-like trees, selecting the style is a matter of personal preference. What looks most like a Christmas tree to you?  Fraser Fir varieties have shorter needles or tips, while Douglas Firs have longer tips.  White Pines are full and graceful. With English Gardens large selection, your bound to find one you love.

    Fresh trees add a wonderful fresh evergreen fragrance to your home. Balsam Fir is the most fragrant, followed by Douglas Fir and final Fraser.  If you select a life-like tree, you can still enjoy the fragrance of evergreen with “Scent of a Tree” home spray.

  3. Details

    Life-like trees also have a few other options to consider, such as flocking, pre-lit with incandescent or LED lights, or ready-to-light styles. A flocked tree features snow-covered branches, while all green or blue green trees have a variety of tips.

    Pre-lit trees are available with multi or clear incandescent light, or dual-color changing LED lights that switch from multi to clear with a tap of a foot pedal.  The LED trees also have 7 other flashing or fading functions if you like those settings.

    A ready-to-light Christmas tree offers endless opportunities to be creative or change your style year after year. English Gardens Premier Collection Light Sets are available in 12 colors, ranging from traditional clear and three varieties of multi-colored lights to solid colors, such as pink, teal, green, blue, chartreuse or purple.

  4. Make it Last
    Fresh trees need a fresh cut to the trunk to stay fresh for the Christmas season. Use a saw to cut off at least 1” from the very bottom of the tree trunk; more is ok but less may not be enough. Use either a hand saw or chain saw.

    Only drill a hole in the center of the trunk if your stand has a large diameter spike in the bottom. If the spike is about the size of a nail or smaller there is no need to drill a hole, simple tap the stand onto the tree so it bites into the tree.

    The best place for a fresh tree is a cool, dry location away from register vents or fireplace. If the spot is hot and sunny, the tree will dry out faster.

    Fill the stand with a mixture of water and Prolong fresh tree preservative (follow product directions for amount to use). Check the water level twice daily and fill before water level gets within 1” from the bottom of the tree. Don’t ever let the tree run dry. Checking the levels in the morning and evening will help with this.

    It is typical for trees to initially take lots of water but slow down on water intake as time goes on. If your tree ever runs out of water, it will have to be given a new fresh cut so it takes up water again.

    Life-like trees need to be stored properly to keep them looking beautiful year after year. English Gardens Tree storage bags can keep your tree safe and protected when it’s not in use.
Shop English Gardens selection of artifical, life-like Christmas trees and fresh-cut Christmas trees online.

For more information on choosing a Christmas Tree this year, visit your local English Gardens store.