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Make It & Take It Workshop: Holiday Porch Pot

From beautiful flowers to professional landscape supplies & advice, visit
Michigan's premier garden supply company.


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Orchid Tips & Types

Generally, water the plant when the pot feels light. Air circulation is important.
Specially designed orchid pots with holes or slits in the sides of the containers
are ...


Growing Potatoes in Containers

Find a clean garbage can, 1/2 whisky barrel, recycle bin or even a 10 gallon pot
will work. Just remember the larger the container the more difficult it will be to ...


Tips for Beautiful Container Gardens

Select a pot with proper drainage. Excess water needs to flow through the plants
rather than accumulate on the bottom. Select the proper planting medium.


Custom Potting in Michigan

Select the plants and pot and we'll do the planting, or choose from one of our
already custom designed creations. Custom potting charge: $2 per inch of pot ...


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A Gift of Flowers

You will receive a flowering plant every month for a year. These premium plants
come in a six inch pot. The first plant will arrive in a decorative ceramic container


West Bloomfield

Dec 4 Make It & Take It Workshop: Holiday Porch Pot/West Bloomfield. Regular
Price: $69.99. Special Price $49.99. Add to Cart ...


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